About us

Dealing with art is not the best idea these days – many people warned us when we started on this venture. This could be true, if we only wanted to deal in it. But nowadays we need art more than ever.

Everything being about money, real values are on the wane. Beauty is being revaluated and truth is fading away. Yet while living in this confused world we need beauty for the sake of confidence, and truth to live a full life.

I do believe we can find both in art. Artists have a special sense to recover the substance from the muddle, and with the help of their creations we can find our way back to the lost Eden.

Our artists have been inspired by Nature, and their works are associated with her, some of them even literally, being made from clay, wood, or metal, with the assistance of fire, soil and air.

All the works are unique, and since they are handmade, you won’t find two identical ones ever. Each of them carries a meaning of its own, and in each a story is harboured. Each has been made for someone, designed for some place, and it is our task to find the very person and place for them.

For establishing this gallery it was an important fact that we are artists ourselves, who wish to share our thoughts and approach with all those interested in art. This is the reason why we operate as a travelling gallery, to make appearances, and show these unique artworks in as many places and to as many people as possible.

In our exhibitions all works are for sale, but those missing these events will be able to order from our website.

Make a journey to the land of Beauty, watch our Gallery’s continually growing stock, and, if you can, come and visit us at one of our exhibitions.