Our philosophy

When was the last time, when you closed your eyes at night, and you thought that had been a really perfect day? Once you had this feeling, you should recall it from time to time. Art plays an important part in this, because it helps AWAKE SENSES.

In this confused word we need BEAUTY, to give us stability, and TRUTH to live a complete life.

I do believe we can find both of them in art. Do you know why dancers never get giddy, even while doing speedy spins?

Because they are focusing on one point. But not only dancers need that point. In this world changing so quickly all of us must have one. I like artworks bringing NATURE close to us, because they give real feelings and constancy over centuries.

This is why we have collected the most wonderful pieces of art from Hungary, and brought it to you. These paintings will guide you into a magic land, and exuding ancient power they are reminiscent of extinct eras. Our artists have been inspired by Nature, and their works are associated with her, some of them even literally, being made from clay, wood, or metal, with the assistance of fire, soil and air. All the works are unique, and since they are handmade, you won’t find two identical ones ever.

Each of them carries a meaning of its own, and you will just have to find the one that tells its story to you.

From the last week of September you will find us in diverse places in London, presenting our travelling exhibition and special events. Be our guest at our opening parties and discover again your perfect day feeling. TASTE our delicate wines, SEE all the beauty we offer, and you might find something you have been seeking after for a long while. TOUCH the natural materials and feel the calmness of clay, the cool of metal, and the warmth of wood. Listen and HEAR the important voices of the world.

Our „constancy” is the gallery’s website, where you can check our exhibition dates, get more information about the artworks, and order if you wish. I hope to meet you at the opening party.