András Győrfi

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András Győrfi

His paintings are a self-declared world of a universe of mythical tales that enrich our lives. He is a painter who has a strong impact on the viewer’s way of thinking, the view is just the means, the tool to prompt thought.

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Many of his paintings are somewhat allegorical portraits of him, with a central character and a group of people who often look out of the picture. Apparently they are different people but they always have the same face, which is the artist’s face broken down into pieces, representing his various thoughts.

The most striking feature, the red balls, are almost always present in his paintings. It is a play on words, exploiting the double meaning of the the Hungarian word ‘paradicsom’, which is paradise and tomato. The balls are stylized red tomatoes to symbolize paradise and to bring happiness into his paintings.


  • He has exhibited his paintings since 1991.
  • In 1993 Győrfi designed an stage setting to the Theatre of Sopron city for a Raymond F. Simon drama.
  • In 1994 he had worked in the United States for 5 weeks, where he had some exhibition, too.
  • Between 1994 and 1999 he managed the Polaris Galery in Budapest.
  • In 1996 he rented a studio in Aachen and entertained a work there.
  • He participated symposions in Italy, Spain, Austria since 1997.
  • He has begun his applied graphic work at different publishers like Móra, Cicero, Palatinus.
  • In 2000 he made the stage setting of Black Honey (this is a screenplay from Pozsgai Zsolt) in London.
  • 2006 Exhibition in China (Harbin)
  • 2008 Exhibition in Istanbul (A.Sanat Gallery)
  • 2009-12 Győrfi Gallery in Budapest inner city
  • 2011 Los Angeles (Blue Bird Gallery)
  • 2012 Los Angeles (LGOCA Gallery)
  • 2012 Atelier Art Gallery Exhibition-series in London (WestBank Gallery, 286 Gallery, Britannia Center)