The Palace Art and Craft Fair 2013 – London

The Palace Art and Craft Fair will be held at Fulham Palace from 17th – 19th May 2013.

The fair will showcase both the best of fine art, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture as well as exceptional, original, and innovative craft makers and designers across all media. Beautiful and unique jewellery, textiles, glass, ceramics, furniture and much more. Craft spaces will be within the Palace and the art spaces will be housed in a large floored and heated marquee on the front lawn.

Atelier Art Gallery’s successful appearance on Palace Art Fair, Fulham Palace London. We had hundreds of admirers, and they said our stand is the most spectacular, and all artworks are very unique… Do you like them too?

Most popular artworks at Palace Art Fair:

András Gyõrfi: Princess of Babylon
Price: £1,590.00
András Gyõrfi: Babylons garden
Price: £1,990.00
András Berkes: In a deserted garden
Price: £1,130.00
Éva Kun: Dalmatian house IV.
Price: £450.00
Miklós Bercsényi: LunaSOLD
Miklós Bercsényi: SolitudeSOLD
Miklós Bercsényi: Small bull
Price: £530.00
Mónika Zádori: Art deco wall holder with wrought ironSOLD
Anna Schéffer Meduse
Price: £170.00
Sándor Somogyi: Connection
Price: £165.00
Andras Manajlo: Thoughtful
Price: £800.00
Andras Manajlo: In a gentle embrace of pleasant feelings
Price: £4,000.00
Anna Stein: Vertigo
Price: £2,200.00
Peter Jakab Szoke: Girl with cat
Price: £1,450.00
István Csizmadia: Milking stool
Price: £2,400.00