András Berkes

portrek6His special visions are filled with his individual philosophy. His paintings are not only aesthetic objects but they have a strong intellectual content.

For him, the process of painting starts with a long meditation, and by the time he gets the brush there are extraordinary powers at work to create an imaginative, intensive, vibrant visual atmosphere catching the viewer at first sight. He overawes us with his expressionism and dynamism of colours, the red and blue splashes only typical of him setting the picture into movement. His special system of symbols helps realising his visions. He is able to visualise the symbols of many different nations and eras at the same time, the characters of Sumerian culture, ancient Hungarian symbols, the drawings of pre-historic man. He has to do so, since he creates a sign-language covering the full scope of human existence and its peculiar laws. Elevating the works into an esoteric world by way of meditation, he strives at producing a catharsis rather than some fresh harmonies of colours. Meeting with his paintings is a feast, as they touch our souls leaving their tune and print within. He contributes to our knowledge of the real world, of the universe, by means of the purgative, reformative power of art.