István Csizmadia

Displaying light and emanation are the main motives of my art. Human relations, sentiments and atmosphere, the picturing of colourful and intellectual vibration of our inner life came to the front in the last 20 years. The interplay of content and form is essential in my works. The titling is a consciously-composed part of the whole process of creation. I like travelling and imbibe the taste and scent of other cultures. They always give me good inspiration and subject-matter. Beyond formal education and training, my real masters were the genuine works of the giants of European art of painting. I think visual communication is the best transferring channel for me because I can make the unseen things visible with an instinctive inner vision. On the basis of my style and concept I try to mediate a sterile, general value system free from the features of my national culture. The key point is the unique grasp of the fundamental questions and values of western and (at the present time) the globalized culture and civilization.