Sándor Somogyi

“I am affected by paintings, architecture, as well as by the evolution of design. I apply the concept of compositional geometry and I tenderize the categorical forms. I start realization when I can see the form entirely. My drawings are just notes, but every detail is important and intended. After more than thirty years of studying the modes of expression in clay, it is still able to give me something new and exciting. Most of my objects are modelled, and I shape them after pressing or moulding. I use a variety of materials from high quality white clay to black chamotte, depending on my frame of mind which one to work with on that day. It is important that in addition to functionality, my creations also have an emotional charisma. I’m seeking after harmony in colours and forms. I rarely give a title to my works, just let them speak by themselves. I am happiest when I can see my audience taking my ceramic objects with sincere joy in their hands. I know they will get a good place.”