István Csizmadia

„I have a desire to let the invisible be seen with a special inner vision, which is unique and scarce. Displaying light and emanation are the main motives of my art.”


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István Csizmadia was born on 12 February 1954 in Győr. He has been painting since 1969. He has been regularly exhibiting his pictures since 1975. He graduated from Szeged Teacher Training College majoring in Geography and Visual Arts. He also took a second degree in Visual Communication at School of Applied Arts in Budapest. He was a member of Young Artists’ Association in the 1980s. He is one of the founder members of Győr Graphic Workshop.
Displaying light and emanation are the main motives of my art. Human relations, sentiments and atmosphere, the picturing of colourful and intellectual vibration of our inner life came to the front in the last 20 years. The interplay of content and form is essential in my works. The titling is a consciously-composed part of the whole process of creation. I like travelling and imbibe the taste and scent of other cultures. They always give me good inspiration and subject-matter. Beyond formal education and training, my real masters were the genuine works of the giants of European art of painting. I think visual communication is the best transferring channel for me because I can make the unseen things visible with an instinctive inner vision. On the basis of my style and concept I try to mediate a sterile, general value system free from the features of my national culture. The key point is the unique grasp of the fundamental questions and values of western and (at the present time) the globalized culture and civilization.

Exhibitions & Prizes

Important exhibitions
  • 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 Austria
  • 1996 Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • 1997 Stamford (England)
  • 1998 Sneek (Netherland)
  • 2000 Győr (Hungary) – 25 year Jubilee Exhibition
  • 2002 Aostia (Italy)
  • 2005 Budapest (Hungary) – Orczy Gallery
  • 2006 Kecskemét (Hungary) – Cifra Palace
  • 2007 Keszthely (Hungary) – Helikon Mansion
  • 2007 Budapest (Hungary) – UNIÓ Gallery
  • 2007 Győr (Hungary) – Gallery of the City Library
  • 2009 New York (USA) – Agora Gallery
  • 2011 Jodhpur, Delhi (India)
His works are available in:
  • Budapest (Hungary): Hungarian National Gallery, Csók Art Gallery, Orczy Art Gallery
  • Mosonmagyaróvár (Hungary): private art gallery
  • Győr (Hungary): public institutions, private art galleries and also in several foreign and national private art collections.
His most significant prize:
  • 1984 – Artistic Award
Study Tours:

Moscow, Baku, Germany, Austria, Spain, England, Italy, Holland, Egypt, France, U.S.A.