Imre Kéri

KÉRI-IMRE-graphic-artist-300x300Classically trained at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts,

Imre Kéri quickly rose to prominence as one of Hungary’s leading graphic artists. His works are on exhibition at major European art fairs and are held in many public and private collections throughout Europe.

His works have been shown at most major European graphic art biennales in: Biella (Italy 1993, 1995), Genoa, Roma, Fribourg (Switzerland), Tokyo, and most recently in Spain at the Caixa Ourense V Biennial Internacional de Grabado (1998) and the Budapest Fine Art Fair. London, Magyar Magic, (2004), Venezia, Stamperia del Tintoretto, (2005), Antwerpen, Epreuve d’Artiste Galerie (2007) Kölner Druck – kunst – 2008, 2008 H–Balatonfüred, 2009 Cremona–Art of etching press, International mezzotint exhibition 2011 -Ekaterinburg